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Mystery Respiratory Illness in Dogs 

November 28, 2023

As pet care professionals and pet parents ourselves, we understand and share concern over this mystery illness and the unknowns on how and if pets can be impacted at the spa.  Based on what we know today, we feel that our standard operating procedures are appropriate to minimize risk:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting grooming surfaces between dogs

  • Dogs are not allowed to have direct contact with one another (unless same family)

  • Dogs with cough, nasal or eye discharge not permitted in spa (standard for bordatella risk)

  • Our model of One on One grooming avoids kenneling so the number of dogs in spa at any time and length of time in spa for each dog is minimized

  • We do not put out community water bowls and if a dog needs a drink during a visit, a clean bowl is offered.


We do ask clients to also take precautions when planning your visit to the spa:

  • Do not bring your dogs to the spa with any of the following symptoms: Coughing, difficulty or rapid breathing, wheezing, dehydration, fever, nasal or eye discharge, weight loss, loss of appetite and lethargy.

  • We require current rabies vaccination for all dogs; have your dog current on all vaccinations including Bordetella to reduce risk.

  • Keep your dog tightly leashed at all times and avoid direct contact with other dogs in the parking lot and while in spa.

  • Discuss any concerns with your veterinarian based on your pet’s age/health condition.


We continue to follow this topic for updates and reports of any cases in our area.  We will modify our operating procedures as required as more information becomes available.


Thank you!!!

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