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Spa Upgrades

Indulge your pet with a variety of treatments and services.

Upgrades and add-ons available with any full service booking.

Spa Upgrades

Therapeutic Mud Treatment

All-natural, detergent-free skin treatment to cleanse, detoxify, heal, and protect naturally and organically.

starting at $35

Shed Control Treatment                                              $25

Sweet Orange and Coconut shampoo and conditioner release the dead undercoat to significantly reduce shedding, dander, allergens and hydrate. 

Additional brushing removes loose hair.

Flea & Tick Natural Bath                                               $25

Lavender, Cedar, and Peppermint Oils repel fleas, ticks and mosquitos to prevent infestation naturally.   Safe and effective with no harsh chemicals. Pyrethrin and Permethrin-free.

Spa Add-ons

All add-ons available with a full service booking.  Hair trims are already included with full-groom.

Spa Package

Teeth brushing with breath spray and pawdicure to pamper feet.


Pawdicure                                    $15

Soothing mud treatment to hydrate and soothe dry, cracked paws. Paw balm will protect, nourish, and heal.

Pawdicure Deluxe                     $30

Foot trim, soothing mud treatment and paw balm.

Paw Balm

Organic, fragrance free balm to soften, heal, and protect damaged pads. Food-grade ingredients are safe if licked


Mud Paw Treatment                 $12

Soothing mud treatment to hydrate, nourish, and heal dry, cracked paws and between the toes.

Nail Polish

Water based, non-toxic polish.

Front only, $10

All paws, $16 

$10, $16

Teeth Brushing                         $15 

Organic Plaque & Tartar Fighting Gel and Spray to clean teeth and freshen breath.

Touch-Up Trim Package          $40

Face, feet, and tail trim                            *$35 with full service

Face Trim                                     $15

Touch up visor, eye corners, around muzzle

Foot Trim                                      $15

Shave between  pads, shape sides and top of foot

Tail Trim                                       $15

Sanitary trim around belly and bottom 

Brush-Out         $15 for 10 minutes

$1/minute additional

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