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At Suds we drive sustainability in our business and our Quality of Grooming is enhanced, not compromised.  We believe that even the smallest actions will minimize our impact on the earth to make difference.

Sustainability at Suds

Suds construction began in February 2020 in an empty “cold shell”. This gave us a blank slate to design and construct our space to lessen our  impact on the environment and protect the health of people and pets who spend time in our space.    We selected high quality, durable building materials and equipment along with a  pleasing aesthetic that will last us for many years to come.  Take a tour here.

Environmentally Friendly Spa

Flooring that runs through our entire space is Armstrong Vantage Rigid Core Vinyl Plank

  • This durable, yet beautiful product meets our high performance needs for safety under paws and feet and the ability to withstand water and rigorous cleaning.
  • Indoor Air Quality Certified to SCS-EC10.3-2014 v4.0 (low VOCs & Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Certified)
  • This product can be recycled at end of life into new flooring products instead of putting in landfill through Armstrong's ON&ON™ FLOOR RECYCLING PROGRAM 
Cabinetry and Counters
  • Cabinet fronts and doors are made with recycled plastic bottles and produced in factories using renewable electricity. Less new raw materials were consumed with low environmental impact while existing materials got new life.
  • Countertops and rolling carts are made with sawmill leftovers and scrap wood in the particle board cores to make use of whole trees and not only the trunks taking better care of this resource.
Energy usage is essential as we require good lighting and power for safety and basic operations. We are mindful to use energy only when and where we need it:
  • LED ceiling light boxes and fixtures for low energy consumption, long lifespan, environmentally safe disposal at end of life.
  • Timers for exhaust fans and HVAC system.
  • Motion controlled light switches throughout spa.
  • All appliances are low energy usage, high efficiency rated.
  • Tankless Water Heater with re-circulating pump for on-demand warm water.
  • All dogs are dried with a hand-held professional dryers versus cage drying for pet safety first, and stylists know exactly when fur is dried to prevent overuse of equipment,
Air Quality
  • Low VOC paints and adhesives are used.
  • Indoor air quality is enhanced via an air ventilation system that continuously exchanges indoor air with filtered fresh outside air.  

Sustainable Business Practices

We strive to operate with a zero-waste mentality. While we are not a zero-waste spa, we firmly believe that the mindset to reduce, re-use, recycle, and repurpose where we can leads to conscious, thoughtful choices and actions that protect our planet.  Some of the practices we employ are:

  • On pet products are all natural, organic, eco-friendly, and non-toxic for healthy benefit to pets, their humans who cuddle them, and our water streams.
  • Cleaning products are biodegradable and eco-friendly including our laundry detergent and surface disinfectants. We are on the search for an effective pet area disinfectant that is also eco-friendly. In the mean-time we use this product at proper dissolution ratio and only in areas of pet contact for proper disease and infection prevention.
  • Recirculating hot water pump brings water to bathtubs no warmer than 37C max temp for pet and human safety and to minimize the waste of clean running water while waiting for water to warm.
  • Recycled and bio-degradable paper products are used throughout spa.
  • Paper shopping bags are made of 100% recycled content.
  • Team T-shirts made with at least 5% recycled plastic.
  • We sort our waste to recycle and re-purpose items when we can.
  • We source high quality products in retail that are constructed with materials and workmanship to last.
  • Limited packaging for all retail products and most packaging can be recycled.

At Suds we are proud to have made a good start and know there is always more that can be done to protect our planet today and for the future. We are committed to continually reviewing our spa operations, products used and industry partners to challenge ourselves to do more.

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